Writing an essay is very challenging task especially for teachers and instructors who are supposed to teach the students.

If you figure out the title and outline of an essay then half of your job is done and the rest of the work is just piece of cake.

Essay title:

Essay title means a group of words or a sentence which depicts the theme and main idea of an essay. Therefore there should be lot of brainstorming while choosing an essay title.

Following points should be kept in mind while writing an essay title:

  1. The essay title should be eye catching and attractive. The combination of words should be developed in such a way that a reader is bound to read whole essay. For example a title for essay about food can be “food heaven”.
  2. The title should include active voice rather than passive voice. It sounds more realistic and genuine.
  3. The title should include simple words so that it is easy to read by the readers or viewers.
  4. The length of a title for an essay should be brief and not long enough so that the readers don’t read it or find it difficult to understand.

Essay outline:

The essay outline means group of keywords or key sentences which are the basis of an essay.

The outline helps in sorting out the order and central ideas of the topic which you are going to write.

Following are the guidelines to write an essay outline:

  1. First of all write the outline for introduction paragraph. Highlight the central ideas and key factors which will be explained further in detail.
  2. Then write the outline for body which will include three parts i.e. main idea, second idea and third idea. These outlines will include supportive facts and figures with keywords.
  3. In the last outline combine group of words to write conclusion and final paragraph. This should include the main idea and moral of whole topic.


Using above guidelines you can write an effective and quality content for an essay, which can make you successful in long term.