We have come across many cases when dealing with writing content, that most of the times the data and content contains a lot of keywords and scientific terminologies, which loses the interest of people who reads them.

This is because we try to focus on our Google ranking and search engine optimization and forget that the readers are human beings who want expressions and real life examples in their readings.


We get paid by human beings not by search engines. Therefore if the human beings don’t like the content then who cares for the search engine?


Readers loose interest ,for example , I want to write an article about environmental pollution, now if I add all the scientific details , the readers will not understand them and in result they will not read the article.

Now to write a content which attracts a reader’s attention as well as gets high rank in search engine , there are various rules and regulations to follow i.e.



Create content which is relevant to the topic. In this way a reader takes interest in the text and will follow the article to the end.

Try to write content which you like because if you hate a topic or subject and are compelled to write it , you will write poor quality text and in the result all of your resources and talent gets wasted away.

There is a key solution which works in a great way while writing content for anybody.

Always ask first what a reader needs or what kind of content a business requires to proceed?

Furthermore, if you put yourself in the place of others then you can easily get the feeling of what a reader wants to read.

To ensure that people keep reading your content, you need to write unique and different data which attracts a reader and it distinguishes you from other writers. Keep your identity unique and special to make it a trademark.

You have to do proper research by finding relevant and authentic data to write your articles or content. In this way you get awesome ways to attract the readers from a wider range of cultures and ethnicities.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pen and start writing with strong energy and passion that will get you to the road of success in life.