Pinewriter’s Privacy Policy simply explains how we use your personal data as obtained from you.

We expect that by placing an order on our site or generally using the services from this site and any of our affiliates, you are already familiar with these policies. We, therefore, assume that by using our services you consent to allow us to collect your personal information and use it as regulated by the listed privacy policies.

1. The information we collect from our users are quite basic and these include:

a) Personal contact information such as your emails, phone number etc. which are collected during the registration process.

b) The browsers used to access our site

c) Geographical location

d) The duration of a visit to our site

e) The operating systems used to access our site

f) The number of visits to our site

g) The pages accessed

h) IP address

2. Some of the information we collect from you are just statistical data regarding our site visitors and their behaviors while on our site.

3. Emails and Name are stored in our database for the purposes of communications.

4. Our website,, may apply the use of cookies to collect information regarding your general internet browsing behavior. Cookies are packets of information containing the user internet behavior and are automatically downloaded into your computer. These downloaded pieces of information pose no risk to your computer and are uniquely assigned to you and therefore, we use cookies to personalize your browsing experience. Our cookies are designed to help you find it easy to access our site thus saving you time. Generally, the cookies tend to inform your browser that you are a returning visitor so whenever you try to check in our site or any of our web page subsequently, it will be easy for you to get everything done since the information that you previously used can easily be retrieved. We provide the options of whether or not to accept cookies. Also, you have the ability to disable your browser cookies if you are not interested in collecting cookies. However, disabling cookies in your browsers limits the interactive features provided forth by Pinewriters. For any third-party links listed on our site, we have no control over there cookie policy so it is recommended that you get familiar with their cookie policy if any.

5. The IP address as collected from your online activity is processed by our servers to easily demonstrate the geographical lingo from where our site has been accessed. This will allow you to easily change the language of the site depending on your geographical location. The IP address is only collected at the time of your visit to our site. This information is not stored nor processed in any way by our servers.

6. Pinewriters does not share any personal information with third-parties. The information you provide on our site is strictly between you and us and therefore we recommend that you don’t share personal information like your passwords or general login details with others. We have taken the best available precautions to help protect your personal data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Our site applies encrypted connection by the use of certified security protocols, SSL, to help protect your crucial data (such as credit card information) from malicious access. Such pieces of information are purposely for the billing processes and cannot be stored in our servers.

7. Pinewriters holds the responsibility of securely storing the data collected from you and use in accordance with the guidelines provided forth. We assume that you consent to allow us to use your data as stated above by submitting to us your personal data. We are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that your data is handled and kept securely within our servers to avoid any kind of malice on your personal information. Our servers are kept away from access by any unauthorized parties.

8. We have provided forth various security measures such as identity verification (username and password) to ensure that your privacy and security are not infringed.

9. Users have the ability to terminate their accounts at any time. However, your information may remain stored on our databases but will not be shared with any third party nor use it in anyway.

10. By writing reviews on our site regarding orders, you consent to allow us to show them on our public testimonials page. However, you are free to ask Pinewriters through our support team to delete or to unpublish your reviews if they tend to infringe on your privacy.

11. Pinewriters will do everything possible to ensure that your personal information is safe. Also, we recommend that you take the responsibility of keeping your passwords and security keys safe.

12. It is important to note that our website cannot access your personal information from your computer without you providing it to us personally.

13. As stated previously, our website does not share or sell your personal information to advertiser nor anyone else as doing so will be a breach to your privacy.

14. For the promotional emails and SMS that we send frequently, you are at liberty to unsubscribe from them by sending us an email on the subject.

15. We may update or change our Privacy policies and we will constantly update you of any revisions done to our Privacy Policies. We recommend that you get up to date with our latest Privacy Policies to avoid any breach of Privacy.

16. Your use of services from this site will be considered your consent to our policies.