The process essay is basically a type of essay which is used to explain some process.

These essays are written in numerical order to present stepwise methods. It is written in descriptive mode and style.


The function of a process essay is to tell the audience a complete descriptive format and how to do guide for a particular process or method. After reading the process essays, a reader is able to create or develop useful things. In short it is a complete instruction guide for a particular process or methodology.

Main parts and steps for creation:

Following are the main parts of a process essay:

  1. Introduction:

The introduction includes the main theme and aim of the process essay. For example if you are writing an essay of creating a homemade dish then the introduction involves the dish name , its benefits and materials being used for creating it. It involves all the necessary information which tells the expectations of a reader.

  1. Body paragraphs:

The body paragraphs are written after main introduction, which can be two or three in number. They explain the details of essay, its benefits, objectives and further explanation regarding the topic.

  1. Conclusion:

The conclusion involves a summarized content which highlights the main factors and features of a process essay.

             Step by step process:

Following is the stepwise process of writing a process essay: