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    The term Social Security number (SSN) refers to a numerical identifier assigned to U.S. citizens and other residents to track income and determine benefits.

    The SSN was created in 1936 as part of The New Deal to provide for retirement and disability benefits. The original intention of the SSN was to track earnings and provide benefits. Now, it is used for additional purposes, such as identifying individuals for tax purposes and tracking credit reports.1

    Individuals in the U.S. are asked to provide their SSN to obtain credit, open bank accounts, obtain government benefits, make major purchases, and more.
    Key Takeaways

    A Social Security number is a numerical identifier assigned to U.S. citizens and other residents to track income and determine benefits.
    The SSN was created in 1936 as part of The New Deal.
    SSNs are issued by the Social Security Administration.
    To get a Social Security number, you must file Form SS-5 with the Social Security Administration.
    SSNs are susceptible to illegal use by those involved in identity theft and fraud.


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  122. Medicare NPI Lookup

    The NPI number is used with any electronic transaction identified in HIPPA. It may also be used by healthcare providers to identify themselves or other providers in healthcare transactions or related correspondence; by physicians on prescriptions; by health plans in their communications and transactions; to coordinate benefits with other health plans; to identify health care providers in electronic patient medical records; by the Department of Health and Human Services to track providers in fraud and abuse cases, and other functions.

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  131. gold color personality test

    This free personality test is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. Discover your personality type.

    Discover your personality type
    Upon completion of the personality assessment questionnaire, you will:

    Obtain your 4-letter type formula according to Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typology, along with the strengths of preferences and the description of your personality type, communication and learning style, behavior under stress.
    Discover careers and occupations most suitable for your personality type, along with examples of educational institutions where you can get a relevant degree or training,
    See which famous personalities share your type,
    Use the results of this test with the Jung Marriage Test™ to assess long-term compatibility with your romantic partner.

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  133. america first routing number

    A routing number is a nine-digit bank identification number. Think of it as a numerical address that allows a bank to send and receive money from other financial institutions. The routing number identifies the financial institution responsible for the payment and ensures that funds go to the right place.

    Routing numbers were developed by the American Bankers Association in 1910 for processing checks. They’re also known as ABA routing numbers or routing transit numbers. Today, routing numbers are used in numerous banking transactions, such as direct deposits, wire transfers, payments using applications like Venmo, payments made by phone and more.

    Each routing number is unique to one financial institution and helps avoid confusion. Routing numbers ensure that checks intended for Citibank don’t go to CIT Bank, for example.

    A bank or credit union may have more than one routing number. This is often the case with big banks like Bank of America and Chase Bank, which have two routing numbers in some states.

    Banks also can have separate routing numbers for different types of transactions — one for processing paper checks and another for wire transfers, for example.

    Bank of America routing numbers
    Chase Bank routing numbers
    Wells Fargo Bank routing numbers
    When you’ll need your routing number
    By knowing what a routing number is and where to find it, you’ll be able to complete a variety of banking transactions with ease.

    Routing numbers are used for lots of everyday banking tasks, including:

    Setting up direct deposit of your paycheck through your employer
    Setting up direct deposit of Social Security or other government benefits
    Setting up automatic online bill payment
    Check processing
    Sending and receiving wire transfers
    Getting set up with peer-to-peer payment services such as Venmo or PayPal

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  139. routing number check

    The primary purpose of the routing number to identify the bank which is responsible to either pay or give credit or is entitled to receive payment or credit for a check or electronic transaction.

    The Routing Number is intended primarily to serve the needs of sending or collecting institutions by providing the capability for check and electronic transactions to be transmitted and delivered for settlement in an efficient and timely manner with minimal processing and float costs to sending or collecting banks and payment system participants in general. In certain cases, special classes of routing numbers have been defined to facilitate either the presentment or processing of certain payment transactions.

    Receiving or paying banks may use the routing number to enhance the efficiency of their payment processing operations or services provided to their customers as long as these enhancements do not significantly increase payments clearing and settlement costs or delay clearing and settlement of a significant number of items/transactions or dollars. Since the routing number identifies the receiving or paying bank for check and electronic transactions, that bank must be capable of processing and settling these types of transactions at the point designated for the routing number or arrange to have these transactions properly delivered to their service provider as appropriate.

  140. fake ai personality test

    Color Personality Test
    We have updated the color personality test to be more precise and compelling. The quiz results can better determine your personality type, with the addition of new questions and how you can work on your work and social interactions with others. By empowering your friends and colleagues to take our color personality quiz, you’ll have the option to use your personality’s particular shading attributes and theirs to fortify your connections through better correspondence and comprehension.

    About the Colors
    1. Grey
    Attributes: Capable, Funny, Offensive

    While you may not exhibit all the traits of a personality color grey as listed here, assuming this is your beloved shading, you will observe yourself to be someplace in the depiction. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are concerned.

    Power and secret are predominant elements that describe individuals, similar to you, whose personality color is Grey.

    As a Grey, you know no dread—and no restrictions. You like to keep individuals speculating. Individuals hunger for secrets and vulnerability—they need to discover more about you. Yet, you won’t let them; you never let anyone get too close to finding out who you are. You have an air of aloofness; you play hesitant and challenging to get. You are never the one to start; you draw in a wide range of solicitations to different occasions from everyone around you.

    You esteem isolation, reflection, and privacy. An eclectic grouping of interests takes up your time, which opens you to a wide range of various groups. You appreciate stimulating activities and living life on the edge at times. Cavalier and bold but collected is how you carry on with your life.

    You don’t care about the judgment of others and settle on choices for yourself and yourself alone. It may mean that you have trouble with intimacy, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have genuine interests. Maybe they simply don’t keep going extremely long, or perhaps your loved one is the only person you aren’t a mystery to.

    2. Orange
    Attributes: Hopeful, Cordial, Insightful

    The color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, reviving our souls. Orange is so encouraging and uplifting that we should all find ways to use it in our everyday life, regardless of whether it is only an orange shaded pen that we use.

    Hopefulness and invitingness portray individuals similar to you, whose personality color is Orange.

    You are friendly and nurturing, yet, you may have to take care that your agreeableness doesn’t lead others to dump every one of their dissatisfactions on you with no response.

    Individuals whose character tone is Orange aren’t regularly prominent party individuals. You favor more modest social events where you can draw in with every other person.

    You’re whimsical and esteem wackiness in others. You’re likewise effervescent in a compelling, happy, joyful way. You see the best in people, despite others’ opinions. What’s more, you’re a forgiver—to say the least.

    As a hopeless romantic, breaking association is problematic for you. When you open your heart, it’s win big or bust. It implies you love further, but also that heartbreak hurts more. You may never stop loving former flames, bearing in mind the end goal of one-day reviving. Yet, you are never against new freedoms for affection and association.

    3. Green
    Attributes: Quiet, Peaceful, Obliging

    Green is an emotionally positive color, enabling us to adore and sustain ourselves and other people unequivocally. A natural peacemaker should avoid the inclination to turn into a saint.

    Peacefulness and quietness portray individuals similar to you, whose personality color is green.

    As a Green, you are known for your chill flows, and your body is seldom overcome with tension. Errands, work, and even exercise are more straightforward when you are refreshed and loose. Your life is centered crimson around achieving maximum comfort, regardless of whether it’s putting resources into extravagances like back rub seats and water beds or thinking and productively removing stress from your body.

    You’re a deep sleeper, and everything is better when it very well may be done from the solace of your bed. Conflict isn’t a piece of your way of life. You prefer when issues resolve themselves or require negligible info and weight on your part.

    Convenience is where you flourish—permitting others to accomplish their tranquillity without intruding on yours. Your chillness and fantastic, calm, collected way of composing yourself are attractive to a lot of people but likewise implies that you don’t view a few things in a profound way that merits continuous consideration.

    4. Crimson
    Attributes: Courageous, Striking, Direct

    Kind disposition and adoration for energy describe individuals similar to you, Crimson’s personality color.

    Bold, assertive, domineering, longing for energy—it’s how you carry on with your life. You aren’t afraid to tell people exactly what you think, and you positively don’t keep down in any part of your life.

    Enthusiasm and recklessness can cause you problems, but that’s par for the course. You are achievement-focused and buckle down towards accomplishing what you want. Settling down isn’t on your plan. Botches are made, but life keeps moving forward.

    As a social animal, you don’t mind (and might even thrive on) being the focal point of consideration. Extraverted is putting it mildly; you love getting to know individuals and examining excellent new freedoms with them.

    Popularity is vital; your place in the public eye and how individuals respect you are critical to your personality. Everything should be productive, clean, and, above all, smooth. You’re the energy everyone needs and the face that brightens up the room.

    5. Purple
    Attributes: Innovative, Expressive, Emotive

    Purple identifies with the creative mind and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and moves high goals. It is a reflective shading, permitting us to reach out to our more profound considerations.

    Innovativeness is the predominant component that describes individuals similar to you, whose personality color is purple.

    As a Purple, you are a creative thinker: insightful, intelligent, and possibly somewhat peculiar. The show doesn’t impact you. You are an issue solver; however, take the less common direction. You value art and other innovative ventures. You’re exceptionally expressive verbally, genuinely, and in your work. Life is whimsical; you leave your options open. Philosophy is essential to you, as is existential reasoning and possibly a touch of skepticism.

    You take great pride in the culturally diverse life you live and the information and regard you have for everything in varied craftsmanship. You have a wellspring of innovative energy that you channel into beneficial imaginative movement, including travel. You’re gifted with your hands and a genuine craftsman on a fundamental level. Specific individuals might scrutinize your fringy way of life. However, you are unashamed.

    6. Blue
    Attributes: Trustworthy, Real, Dictate

    Blue personality temperaments can be good listeners, talk about conceivable outcomes, and like to do new things. Struggle or disharmony can upset a Blue. They show concern for the feelings in others and have prudent methods of conveying.

    Reliability is a critical feature that describes individuals similar to you whose personality color is blue.

    Blues tend to be rule-following, dependable, long-suffering, and diligent. You make sacrifices to ascend positions in the world. You put in the additional hours in the workplace. You generally finish up your expenses and cover your bills on schedule.

    You have an arrangement that you stick to. You never stand individuals up and are consistently reasonable. Most importantly, you’re there for your friends and family when they need you most. You listen carefully, offer courtesies, and don’t frustrate. You don’t cheat and attempt to be 100% legitimate in all parts of life. You esteem genuineness, most importantly.

    You might miss out on fun once and a while, because of your discipline. However, to you, it’s worth the effort over the long haul. One evening of celebrating isn’t worth not being at your best for work in the first part of the day. You like routines and outlines, things that keep up with the structure. The association is critical to the manner in which you work; it’s what makes you steadfast, loyal, and trustworthy.

  141. correct npi number

    The NPI registry allows you to perform an NPI lookup for any doctor, physician, or healthcare provider. Included on the registry are:

    Family medicine practitioners
    Physician’s assistants
    Internal medicine
    Nurse practitioners
    And more
    To obtain the necessary information for completing claims forms, or to simply search or confirm a practitioner is registered, you can enter any of the following information:

    Name (search will return all NPI registered practitioners with that name)
    Organization name (search will return all NPI registered organizations featuring these words)
    An NPI number (search will return the record for that exact number)
    You can filter by state to make things easier, or leave this open for a more general search. The result will give you a practitioner or organization’s information, including name, NPI number, address, contact number, and area of medicine.

    An NPI registry is different from simply an NPI number, as the number alone doesn’t contain any information such as the state in which the individual practices or their specialty. Therefore, using an NPI registry allows you to obtain all the necessary information about a practitioner or organization.

    NPI Lookup functions as an easy-access tool for obtaining necessary information about medical practitioners. This allows individuals to easily complete their Medicare and Medicaid application and claims forms without missing vital details.

    You can use NPI Lookup to find doctors, specialists, nurse practitioners, hospitals, labs, and more. Using an NPI registry to search NPI numbers saves valuable time and ensures all the details on your claims and application form are correct.

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