This program review paper will allow you to explore and evaluate a current program for its effectiveness and adherence to goals and standards.


  • Write a program review, approximately 8-10 pages that explore (but is not
    limited to) the following:
  • The background/demographics of the school or other work
  • The existing reading/literacy programs; the effectiveness and
    characteristics of the reading program and the selection/evaluation of
    instructional materials in the specific program reviewed
  • The interpretation of literacy/reading program information,
    regulations and any assessment data, and/or program policies
  • The general philosophies of the teachers, administrators, and parents
    and their involvement practices
  • The challenges and assets of the setting
  • Curriculum guides and criteria for selecting and evaluating both print
    and nonprint media for instructional use at the location and the
    appropriate usages of media to match students’ needs and interests.
  • Implications of using school-related data to plan for effective
    professional developments and to improve curriculum and instruction
  • Recommendations for the future (an action plan, including
    professional development opportunities for paraprofessionals, and
    other stakeholders).


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