We know that people go to the gym for getting into shape and building muscles or losing weight. So gym is all about getting into shape and maintenance of a human body.

Similarly search engine optimization (SEO) is like maintenance of a website. If SEO for a website is properly managed and maintained with regular period of times, it improves the ranking of your website in Google ranking list and attracts higher number of viewers and visitors.

Following are the similarities between SEO and a gym used for fitness:

Both gym fitness and SEO require long term fitness plan for maintenance. You cannot get the results in one day; instead it is a period of long term hard-work.

As we know that for getting fitness, a human body requires good nutrition. If an athlete wants to get success, he has to have a good amount of quality nutrition in his diet. Similarly for a website, proper link building acts like a nutrition for website. The good and proper link building helps in creating good performance.

A workout in a gym requires motivation both from outer world and inner world of a human being. If a person is motivated and passionate about getting into shape then nobody can stop him from achieving his goal. Similar is the case of search engine optimization. If you are motivated and ambitious about achieving your goals then your business will get into higher level and get prosperity.

There are no short cuts for getting into shape when you join a gym; it’s a process of long term consistency to your schedule and hard-work. Similarly SEO demands hard-work with perseverance to achieve high ranking in Google. There is no trick or magic available which will increase the ranking of your website; it’s a long term process.

In both SEO and fitness programs, measuring progress is of paramount importance. By using proper trends and metrics, success is achieved in the field of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is similar to physical exercise for an athlete in various ways like maintaining health and following proper standards with progressive tracking of work. In short if you make a habit of maintaining your website by search engine optimization then in long run it will produce fruitful results and all of your hard-work will get paid off.