Many times when we write an essay , the use of tenses becomes quite challenging. Some people think that to use past tense is better while creating an essay however some people fall for present tense.

Therefore we have come up with a solution to resolve this issue and make the essay writing more easier to understand.

1- Past Tense:

The past tense in an essay is used when we are writing about some events which have occurred in past. For example in academic writing if you have conducted a lab experiment and want to associate details in your essay then you will use past tense.

So there are following ways or events where past tense is useful:


2- Present Tense:

The present tense in an essay is used when we discuss events which are currently happening. The academic writing most often use this tense as it is dominant tense and it is very applicable for various situations. Therefore we can use present tense in following situations:


3- Future Tense:

In academics writing , we use future tense , when things are not happened yet and will happen in near or far future. For example “I will make this dish today for dinner”.

Mostly , we don’t use this tense in academic writing , but in some cases this tense is quite useful , for example:

After reading this , I hope you get the basic idea of how to write which tense in an academic writing.