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Pinewriters is a leading essay writing service provider that specializes in creating the perfect college essays for your needs. We have top-rated writers who are specialized in various fields and are willing and ready to write your papers exactly as you desire. Our services include writing Term Papers, Research Papers, Dissertations, Custom Essays and many more.

How Pinewriters Works

By placing an order through this site, it is assumed that you are familiar with and agreed to our terms of service. In case you don’t agree with the terms of service then do not use it nor access the services from the site.Most of our writers are in-house and a few freelancers. Every writer we hire has to pass our set internal tests before joining our team of writers. Each writer has their own ratings depending on the reviews that clients leave regarding the services they have received from the writers.Customers fill up the order form with the necessary requirements for their papers. The writers must then accept the paper requirements in order to able to work on the paper. It will then be the responsibility of the writer to ensure that the paper is completed in accordance with the requirements provided forth. Once the writer completes the paper, it is passed through our QA department to ensure that the paper has been completed to the exact requirements.Once the completed paper is uploaded, we transfer all the copyrights and ownership to the customer.It is the responsibility of the customer to provide detailed instructions regarding the paperon time and therefore we won’t be held accountable for any late provision of papers as a result of late provision of instructions.During the registration process, we recommend that you use valid personal information such as valid email and phone number through which we can reach you regarding the progress of your orders. We can also send you some service announcement messages, updates, administrative emails and promotional emails occasionally. Providing invalid information is a violation of our terms of services.We have a chat system from where the customers can communicate with our support agents. We can also use email to reach our customers in case of any urgent issues. In case the customer wants to communicate with the writers, we recommend that you reach us through our email: support@pinewriers.com for urgent response. We also recommend that you keep checking your inbox regularly just in case of any updates regarding your orders.We also recommend that you be professional with the messaging system. No fraudulent language will be blocked. It will be considered a violation of our terms of service is one uses abusive language on our site.When the orders are placed by the customers, both the customer and the chosen writers will receive notifications regarding the order. The customer will also be notified of the writers’ confirmation to work on the order.

Service Delivery

Pinewriters will not be held responsible for any issues that result from the failures of other party services such as internet, emails etc that are not within our controls. We have a support system that is available 24/7 to assist you, whichever way possible.The papers delivered to you will be in accordance with the instructions you provided and you shall own the complete copyrights of the papers/materials we deliver to you. If the paper delivered to you is plagiarized by the writer, you have the right to reject the paper and request for a revision within a period of seven days from the time your paper was delivered. The payment maybe withheld until the issue is resolved.We will not be held liable for any inappropriate use of the papers we provide (written/received from our site). Any inappropriate us that leads to any kind of disciplinary actions will be upon the customer. The customers can request for revision if the product does not meet the specification provided in the instructions of the order.In case the sources needed for your paper are not readily available in the publicdomain or obscure, you have the responsibility of ensuring that you provide the necessary materials on time (possibly when placing your order). Failure to provide such sources will be considered a violation of our terms and further actions deemed necessary may be taken in such cases.Payment, Tax and ChargebackWhen placing your orders on our site, you make the payment to mark the order as “In Progress”. When the final paper is uploaded to your account, you have 3 days from the delivery date to make a complaint or request for revision, if any. If there are no complaints or revision requests made by the 4th day, the money will not be available for refund as that is part of our Writers’ Protection Act. Once the money is released to the writer, the order will be marked as complete and no refund will be possible.

Money Back Guarantee

All refund requests will be assessed on anindividual basis since there are unique reasons for refund requests. Pinewriters may seek from you a documented proof of low quality of the received paper. Once a refund request has been made, we forward the details to our Quality Assurance Department (QA) to carry out investigations regarding the request. Following the findings of our QA, we will take the necessary action.The refund request period is within 3 days from the deadline of the order and it lapses on the day the refund request is made. If you are dissatisfied with the delivered paper, you can request for a refund within this period.We have various communication systems through which our customers can get in touch with us. Our customer service will respond promptly to any refund requests through any of our communication channels. If the refund requests are made late after the refund period has elapsed, Pinewriters will not be in a position to consider the refund.If you are dissatisfied with the paper delivered, you are recommended tomake a request for refund in accordance with the following refund policy within the refund period, after which no refund will be made.1. 100% refund will be made in the following cases:1.1. If you accidentally pay multiple times for a single order, we can make the refund following your complaint. However, if you more than one identical orders and make payment for them, we will consider them as separate orders and that they all need to be completed and we’ll begin working on them. It is advisable that in such cases you get in touch with our customer service to help resolve the issues as soon as possible. Also, you can cancel any order within 15 minutes before it is assigned to a writer.1.2. If your order is delivered late after the deadline for any reason, you can make a refund request (unless you are the one that downloaded the paper late). In such cases, the company retains the copyrights of the paper and you are not allowed to use the paper since we can decide to publish it online as one of our sample papers.1.3. If the paper delivered to you did not, in any way, align to the instructions you provided during the ordering process you are free to request for a full refund. However, such an issue will be subject to inspection by our QA. The instructions must be the ones you provided when placing the order or at least provided before the writer uploads the paper or begins working on it.1.4. You can also make a full refund request if the level of plagiarism in the paper exceeds 10% as indicated in any plagiarism report from a reputable plagiarism check system. 2. Pinewriters will make a refund of a certain percentage in the following cases.2.1. In case the quality of the paper is not satisfactory, we will issue a refund of up to 70% and this will be calculated depending on the number of mistakes made by the writer.2.2. If the instructions for the paper were not fully followed but the other parts of the paper are still usable, we can issue a refund of up to 70%.2.3. If the paper is delivered late but still downloaded by you, we will issue a refund of up to 70%. 3. Refund is not viable in the Following Cases:3.1. If the order is marked as complete by you.3.2. If the paper is delivered on time, Pinewriters will not be held accountable for the customer’s failure to download the paper on time.3.3. In cases of low grades, we do not issue any refund because we consider the process of awarding marks as subjective.3.4. In case you raise a complaint about plagiarism but you don’t provide us with a proof such as Turnitin report, we will not issue any refund.3.5. In case you are dissatisfied with the paper but does not provide any detailed reason for that, we will not issue any refund.3.6. You cannot claim any refund if your order is late as a result of your failure to provide the necessary materials or information requiredfor the paper on time. Also, if we cannot reach you (regarding this issue) through the contacts you provided, we will not make any refunds. We recommend the customers provide their correct contact information so we can reach them easily in cases of emergencies.3.7. Projects that require calculation and multiple-choice questions are not subject to refund. However, if the score of correct answers is less than 50%, you are open to request for a refund as long as you provide us with the proof. In such a case, then you will receive a partial refund, the amount of which will be decided by the results of scrutiny of our QA.