Writing thesis is very tricky and challenging task. A thesis consists of many sections and parts which need to be properly written and formatted. Therefore proper guidelines need to be followed, in order to write a good thesis to score good marks.

Thesis statement:

First of all thesis statement is written which shows the outline and main theme of thesis. The statement reflects the main elements which are later going to be introduced in the paper. It can also be written in the form of a claim or argument on the basis of which the research is going to be written.

Development of thesis:

An effective and well written thesis consists of two main parts i.e. the argument with claim and secondly the plan or process of supporting that argument.

There are some steps which need to be followed to write a thesis paper for students and professors.

Factors of checking thesis strength:

If you want to evaluate your thesis and check whether it is according to the standard and covers entire research , then use following parameters:

These types of checks ensure that your thesis is according to the statement presented in the introduction and it covers the whole topic of the domain.