• Definition:

An anchor text is a set of words which are clickable and are connected to a link address. It has various forms and types,

For example, www.pinewriters.com is a hyperlink.

While sometimes, it is connected with images or headings.

Whatever the form we use, the purpose remains the same, which is to connect with a link address.

  • Importance:

Many search engines like Google, use anchor text for determining the rankings of a website. The words we use or select for the links help us to rank our web page for the keywords we want to be ranked for. For example, I want my website to be ranked on the basis of keyword “software composition”, now I will find different ways to develop links from many websites that will contain my website link with the keyword ” software composition” as their anchor texts.

  • Tips and options while choosing anchor text:

A sentence should contain an anchor text in a natural way; therefore several options should be sued to connect your words with the hyperlinks. Following are the options you can use for this purpose:

  1. Partial match:

Partial match is a type of anchor text in which we use our keywords

with supporting words to complete the meaning of text.

       2. Generic:

When we have a text which shows that there is a link but it does not

provide complete information for example in various websites we see words

like “Click here” and “read more” in their blogs or article sections.


     3. Image:

When we link different types of images like logos or banners with a

particular address to connect them with the target websites.

        4. Naked url:

It is the type of anchor text when the url itself is used as an anchor text.

For example www.pinewriters.com.

        5. Branded:

In this form of anchor text , we connect the link address to brand names

like “Google” ,” amazon” etc.


  • Conclusion:

The main reason or goal to create a link is providing clear path and value to a reader. By using various techniques which are written above, the users can easily be redirected to the particular pages and it improves the ranking of your website by increasing the number of views.