In recent years, many organizations offering essay writing services have mushroomed in most parts of the world. Traditionally, essay writing was considered an essential aspect of liberal arts education. In most academic institutions, the ability to present knowledge coherently and elegantly is considered a hallmark of gaining a scholarship. The assumption made is that students who have challenges expressing their learning outcomes by the time they graduate are considered not to be good at various standards. The importance assigned to writing has greatly influenced most students to rely on essay writing services. Most of the students start using the writing services as early as junior level and throughout other education levels. Students are pressured by their institutions and parents to attain A-grade papers, which pressure them to look for innovative tactics to overcome the challenge. The professors and teachers have realized that most of their students use essay writing services to complete the assigned tasks. The use of writing services remains controversial on whether it is a form of academic cheating.


According to CBN, writing services are a safety net for thousands of students worldwide. The majority of the students prefer this platform so that they can get better grades and later on graduate. Students have different abilities, and writing is not one of them for some. The education system requires students to write essays throughout the education curriculum regardless of their education level. The writing assignments have a great influence on the student’s overall performance. The educators assign students with many assignments with little time to work on them, resulting in pressure. The majority of the students view the demands of teachers to write assignments as a problem that should be solved. The ultimate solution taken by the students is to pay someone else online to work on the tasks. Whereas the teachers are disturbed about the growing popularity of online essay writing agencies, the students are under pressure to attain good grades, and they resolve this by paying for the papers (CBN). The major concern raised concerning writing is the ethical perspective of the services offered.


The writing services companies argue that 70% of students use the service at least once in their education life. The organizations argue that most of their writers have master’s and Ph.D. degrees qualifications, which facilitates their authentic writing skills and academic excellence. The writing services’ websites also include testimonials from satisfied customers who report having received great grades from ghostwriters. Some of the students, including those from prestigious Ivy League learning institutions, have stated that their essays were ghostwritten. One of the features of the essay writing service companies that marvels at the students is that revisions are offered for free. The online services provide top-notch standards with writers who are dedicated to serving the students to satisfaction. The majority of students prefer using online essay services for various reasons. The services are offered confidentially; legitimate writing companies offer their clients remarkable confidentiality policies that protect the student’s details and rights. The organizations strictly adhere to the set policies; thus, students can be guaranteed their safety.


The majority of the students are using online writing services because they are reliable. Most of the websites offering these services have been reviewed and rated based on various elements. Benitez (2016) states that most students use online writing services because outsourcing essays is cheaper and faster. The majority of the websites can provide the students with essays within 24 hours which is useful to a student intending to cram the contents. However, each student has a different reason as to why they are using the services. Most students rely on online services because they have too much work and need assistance to work on them. Other students are not good writers, and the fear of getting bad grades influences them to outsource their services. The majority of the institutions use English, but some of the international students in such schools may have difficulties in writing. As a result, the students may opt to use writing services. Students’ increased reliance on writing services has also been motivated by the ease of hiring a freelance writer. The continuous use of the services not only makes the student reliant on the writer but also makes them feel like not writing. Some students use online essay writing services because they neither value their assignments nor do they think the task is relevant to them.