Lab report is basically a detailed report of a particular subject showing the experiment conducted and gathered results with all resources and requirements used for the purpose.

The main parts:

The basic parts of a lab report are described below:

Title and cover page:

The title page includes the title of lab report, subject name, instructor name, date and students name. It should be properly formatted with standard fonts of text.


The abstract of a lab report includes few main things which are purpose, results acquired, main theme and the major conclusion drawn from the experimentation.

Purpose and introduction:

The introduction includes the main objective of the lab experiment; its background like what is the hypothesis being involved for conducting this lab. It is basically a quick and brief summary of whole experiment.

Materials and resources:

This section involves all of the material which is used in the process of lab experiment. For example in a lab experiment of physics the materials used are stop watch, some instrument like vernier calipers and metric ruler. They are the necessities which are used for experimentation purpose.

Method and procedure:

This section includes step by step process of how to conduct the lab experiment. It is written in such a way that any reader can understand the flow and follow the guidelines stated in the method.


After writing method, mention the results which you have gathered after successful experimentation. Write the standard measurements and units of the data.

Analysis and discussion:

The analysis is written afterwards which describe whether the hypothesis stated earlier has been proved or not. The measurements and results gathered are according to the required parameters or not. You can also add your suggestions for further improvements like room temperature and environment related facts.


Write a brief conclusion with a summary of your experiment and the hypothesis which you used. Mention the key points and facts.

Figures and graphical content:

Draw figures and graphical content to mention your results. You can make graphs with respect to time or any other relevant parameter.


Write all of the references which you have used in the process of conducting the experiment. Write them in alphabetical order and use standard format.


Write last part of lab report which includes all the relevant data which is not used earlier and it supports your work. For example calculations, formulas and tables.