A cause and effect essay is a type of essay which includes some main issue and the cause and effects of that in the society and lives of people etc. Basically it makes logical comparison between various events. It explains the behavior of different events and the reasons and logics behind them. It resolves the questions which arise in human mind by giving contrast of their causes and effects.

Main parts:

  1. Outline:

An outline should be established before writing a cause and effect essay. This ensures that what is the main theme and what topics and facts will be used for the essay.

2. Introduction:

The introduction should involve main theme of the essay. It serves as thesis statement for the context. It also involves a brief overview of the selected domain on which the essay is going to be written.

3. Transition paragraphs and body:

The ideas of main topic should be connected into a single and main story for which transition phrases and sentences are used. The words for transition between the concepts of topic include various types like, “since she is…”, ”Due to the fact that he is……”, etc.

4. Conclusion:

In the end a conclusion paragraph is written to again highlight the main issue and its final statements.



Following are some guidelines which should be kept in mind while writing a cause and effect essay:

Sample topics: