An expository essay is a type of essay which is used to explain or clarify something so that it becomes easy to understand for the readers. It can be in the form of evaluation, argumentation or investigation of a certain topic or an issue.


The process:

Following is the process of writing an expository essay:

First of all the main idea and topic should be chosen after a brief brainstorming. You can consult your teachers and seniors for this purpose as topic is a main thing which depicts your rate of work and its quality, so make sure it’s a good one. Then write an outline of your results of brainstorming and make a rough sketch of how you are going to pen down your essay.


Now start writing the essay by first adding an introduction paragraph. This should include the main topic, its benefits and importance for the target audience. Then write main body which includes three paragraphs which describe the topic in detail with facts and justifications. Then conclude your essay with final paragraph, which summarizes the whole topic with highlighting the main keywords and strategies.


After writing the expository essay, review it fully with cross checking your initial requirements and analyze whether they are actually according to the key points you wanted to mention earlier in the outline you have established? Just revise the whole content with critical point of view and perspective.


After revising the context, proofread it .Find the grammatical mistakes, logical issues and spelling mistakes. Then correct them wisely so that the content doesn’t lose its flavor.


After revising and proofreading, just have a quick overview and then you can send it to publishing or email to your professor for the assessment.


Example topics:


Using above guidelines and strategies, a good expository essay can be written with minimum efforts and difficulties. Furthermore, your professors and academic instructors will be satisfied with your performance and you can get good scores in your papers.