Statistics is a subject which involves lot of facts , figures and data. Therefore writing a research paper on statistics becomes quite challenging and exhausting. That is the reason why students mostly become hopeless about their paper and its content.

However , there are some basic principles and rules which can be used to avoid such difficulty.

Following are the guidelines which can be used to write a research paper on the subject of statistics:


  1. First of all select your topic on which you are going to write your paper. Keep in mind the fact that select only that topic on which you have fully command because your teacher can ask questions about your paper and if you have no idea what you have written , you can be in big trouble.
  2. Have a clear picture of your target audience who are going to read your paper. If you know about their requirements and thoughts then you can easily convey your point with effectiveness.
  3. Now add the introduction which should involve the definition of “statistics” , your main topic , its benefits , importance and daily use in the lives of people. This way the content ensures that its worth reading.
  4. Use literature review of various research papers for your reference and include them in your paper .This way the readers will know that a lot of hard work and research has been done on your paper.
  5. Use graphs and charts to visually represent your data. The use of graphical representation helps in better understanding and it looks attractive.
  6. Use formulas and calculations wherever you require and give examples for making your content more appealing.
  7. Describe your methods of data collection , it can be in the form of surveys , public research and media and advertisement from authentic resources.
  8. You have to make sure that the data in your statistics research paper is accurate with realistic facts and figures , because false information is hazardous.
  9. Now in the end , add conclusion paragraph which summarize the whole paper with highlights of your major theme.


Statistics has many uses in every field of our daily lives , like business , finance industries and bank sectors . All of them need proper statistics for their working. Therefore , if you write good work in your research paper , your future is on high demand and you will be successful in your studies and career.